The Mohren Apotheke is one of the three oldest pharmacies in Vienna.

  • 1350

    It was founded in 1350. Originally, it was located at the Graben. Later, the pharmacy moved several times, including to the Kärnterstrasse, to the Hoher Markt and to the Tuchlauben.

  • 1901

    In 1901, my great-grandfather Mag. Pharm. Maximilian Korwill acquired the Mohrenpharmacy, since then it has been in possession of our family. In 1906, my great-grandfather moved the pharmacy to its current location at Wipplingerstrasse 12. The Art Nouveau interior as well as of the painting of the Ethiopian, after whom the pharmacy was named, date back to this time and have remained intact. The pharmacy sign from the early Renaissance depicts an Ethiopian, who at the time was considered to be particularly knowledgeable in medicine. The original name was “Apotheke zum schwarzen Äthiopier”(Pharmacy of the Black Ethiopian), later it was changed to “Apotheke zum schwarzen Mohr” (Pharmacy of the Black Man).
  • 1935

    My grandmother Edith Schüller and her sister Gertrud Saphir inherited the pharmacy from their father/my great-grandfather in 1935.
  • 1938

    On October 10, 1938, the pharmacy was confiscated by the Nazis.
  • 1948

    After World War II, in a restitution proceeding, the Mohrenpharmacy was returned in 1948 to its lawful owner Edith Schüller (then named Röder, born Korwill) and to Gertrude Saphir, who in the meantime however had emigrated to the United States with her husband. Thereafter, my mother, Mag. Pharm. Sylvia Friedrich (born Röder), daughter of Edith Schüller, took over the Mohrenpharmacy.
  • 2012

    Since 2012, I, Mag. pharm. Teresa Marosi (born Friedrich), am the proud owner of the Mohrenpharmacy.